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Goodbye-thumbToday I am going to be wrapping up my blog because the year is almost done and I won`t be able to blog next year as I am going to a new school. First of all I would like to say thank you to Mrs. Theriault because she taught me all of my blogging skills and some new things about the Internet.  I enjoyed doing my blog this year and I find that it helped a lot with my writing skills but also my typing skills.

First I would like to talk about the content on my blog. Most of the posts on my blog are free choice posts, however there are some posts that are assignment.  I didn`t like writing those posts as much because it felt like just any other thing that could have been given for homework and not as something exciting that you could put on your blog.  Although I did enjoy writing the Lest We Forget story because I got to write a creative story while learning about World War 2 and the Nazis.  I think that one of my favorite posts on my blog is A Sporty A To Z.  I really liked writing this post because I like sports and this way I got to learn more about sports while I wrote the post.  Another of my favorite posts is the Zoom Out post.  I really liked seeing where everyone would carry the story next and I liked searching around looking for an interesting picture to choose.  One of my favorite things to do when I first started to blog was using writing prompts.  I liked to use writing prompts because well I never had any idea what to write about.  Over the year I got a lot of ideas about what I wanted to write although I still would`ve liked to use writing prompts once in a while. Continue reading

Great But Old Toys

untitledWhen I was younger I always liked to play with toy cars. I liked to play with Hot Wheels and make a track for the cars to drive on.  I usually made the track out of wood blocks or the actual Hot Wheels track.  Although I didn’t always use my wood blocks for building race courses, I also liked to build with them.  I always liked to build and still now I like to play with Lego and build different things like airplanes and cars.  Although in the old days kids didn’t have Hot Wheels and Lego to play with.  They had completely different toys.

In the 1940’s kids liked to play with yo-yos. Yo-yos are simple and practical toys.  They are small and can be carried around in a pocket.  If you didn’t know, a yo-yo is a ball that is attached to cord and when you move your arm in a certain movement the ball will go up and down on the string.  Some of the oldest surviving yo-yos date back to 500 B.C.

slot carsKids also liked to play with slot cars. These were invented in the very early 1900’s and the first real set came out in 1912.  Slot Racers are little cars that run on a track.  First you have to build a track.  It can be a circle, an oval, a figure eight or something like that.  Then you attach the remote controls to the track and place cars on the track and you are ready to go.  Also, don’t forget to install the batteries BEFORE you start to play with your slot racers.  I used to have a set and I thought that they were really fun to play with and I suggest that you buy some and I hope you have a terrific time with them.

What toy did you play with when you were younger? What toys did your parents play with when they were younger? Continue reading

All About Success

According to The Collins English Dictionary, success is “the favourable outcome of something attempted”.

However, I have other ideas. I think that success is getting 100% on a test, winning a big game with your sports team, succeeding at getting the job you wanted to get or earning a lot of money at your job.  My mom on the other hand thinks that success is being happy with what you have accomplished.

I think that when you want to be successful, you should know the keys to success. I think that some of the keys to success are believing in yourself and being positive.  I think that you should always believe in yourself because even if you do something badly, you will believe that it is OK and that you will do better next time.  I think that you should be positive because then you will be happy with whatever you do.success-805552_960_720

I think that some people are successful because they work hard and they are persistent. I think that people can be successful when they work hard because they are doing the work not just because they have to but because they want to so they can succeed in life.  I also think that it is good when people are persistent because then they always try and try again even if they aren’t very good at what they are doing.

I think that some of the most successful people in the world are professional sports Continue reading

Help The Earth

no-motor-vehicles-160699_960_720The oceans and lakes and all of the bodies of water are very polluted because everyone dumps their trash in the water without caring at all. We put all our trash in the lakes and it kills all the fish and the water creatures.  There are endangered animals that are getting washed up on beaches because we don’t care about what we are dumping in the water.  Everything that goes into the sewers flows out into the water which means that all our bathroom waste goes into the water and makes all the water dirty and then it makes the fish and water creatures sick.  We should be more careful about what we dump in the water because the fish are just as important as us and we should be more careful. Continue reading

Climbing Mount Everest

SheerDropMtGoatsJames and Dennis were brothers. James was 14 years old and Dennis was 16 years old.  Both brothers were daring adventurers who liked to climb.  One day James thought that it would be really cool to climb the biggest mountain in the world.  Mount Everest.  When James suggested this idea to Dennis, Dennis agreed that it would be really cool to climb Mount Everest.  Together they started to make preparations for there expedition.  10 days later they were ready to get going so they hopped on a plain to take them to Mount Everest.

On the first day of there climbing mission it was very easy going. It wasn’t to steep yet, there was a nice breeze blowing against there faces and they could hear the chirping of the birds.  When the sun Continue reading

Blue Jays Vs Red Sox

Toronto_Blue_Jays_logo_svgOn the first and second of April, the Toronto1024px-ALE-BOS-Logo_svg Blue Jays came to Montreal for two preseason games.  They played the Boston Red Sox both days and both games were played at the Olympic Stadium.

The first game ended with a score of 4 to 2 for the Red Sox. At first it was looking good for the Blue Jays as they scored a point in both the first and second inning and they were up 2 to 0 after those two innings.  Although after that it Continue reading

Top 3 Places To Visit In Quebec Challenge 4

  1. Granby Zoo


ZooDeGranbyGranby Zoo is great place to visit. It is a great zoo with lots of cool animals to see.  There are animals from all around the world.  You can see giraffes from Africa or you can see alligators from South America.  You can also see the tigers by taking a train over the tiger pit.  And after walking around the zoo all day you can go to there little amusement park or you can go cool off in there water park.  You can visit Granby Zoo and learn more at


  1. Olympic Stadium

Continue reading

Technology Challenge 4 (Widgets)

computer-mouse-152249_960_720I have completed the technology challenge.  The technology challenge is a part of the fourth challenge.  I put in 2 new widgets.  I put the Flag Counter and the World Clock widgets.  The Flag Counter is a widget that counts the number of visits that you got and where you got the visits from.  The World Clock widget tells the time of all the places around the world.

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